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Cablouie's MAME Arcade Cabinet Project Page
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Welcome to my MAME Arcade Project Page.  Here you will find a journal of the construction of my MAME cabinet from start to finish.

I know it has been a long time since the last update... I have been working on other projects. This project will soon continue!

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Please feel free to email me with any comments, questions, etc...

A Brief History:
I first learned of others building/converting arcade cabinets for MAME from Arcade@home.  At that time, it only had a minor interest for me until I found the Arcade Controls FAQ and the Roswell 88201 Cabinet featured on that site.  It was then that I became inspired and determined (OK, obsessed :))to build my own cabinet.

The Goal of this project:
The ultimate goal of this project is to of course have a usable cabinet that has controls similar to the original arcade machines.  In pondering how I should go about this project I rejected the idea of using an original arcade cabinet as my base for a couple of reasons:

  1. I just cannot bring myself to gut an original arcade machine, working or otherwise
  2. An original cabinet does not have the expandability that I want (see the Desired Results section)
Browsing this site:
I have attempted to make this site as easy and intuitive to browse as possible.  This is however a "Work-in-progress" site so content and layout may change periodically.  I have opted to use frames just to keep things easy to maintain.  As always email me with any comments, suggestions, etc...

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This page last updated 1/17/2000