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PC Hardware (and other cabinet innards)

PC Hardware

For the PC, I will be using a relatively high-powered CPU (assuming emulators are going to continue to use more and more resources, plus the fact I want to play network games on this machine).  All of it will be relatively inexpensive with the exception of the 19" monitor.

I have also gotten a question or two about using a rotating monitor; when I got the suggestion, I already had the framing done.  I did some checking on it and it looks like I will have just enough room to implement a rotating monitor (barely).  More to come on this as it develops...

PC Software

As far as software goes, I will be using Windows 95 OSR2 for the OS.  I have not yet decided on a MAME frontend yet, I just might roll my own.  This machine will (of course) run MAME primarily but this will also participate on my network at my house so I can play other network-enabled games.  I have also decided that I will use a custom compile of MAME, just to make things a little smoother (not having to press a key or typing "OK" to load a game).

Cabinet Hardware

The control panel(s) itself will be attached to a KE24 Keyboard Encoder from Hagstrom Electronics (for the buttons) and serial mice (for "analog" controls).  I read somewhere that Win95 will actually install drivers and use 2 mice, if one is a serial mouse and one is a PS/2 mouse.  We will see if this is the case.  I was originally going to use a USB keyboard, but those cost around $80, almost as much as the encoder.  So I decided to go with the encoder and skip the USB interface for now.  I plan on NOT using the gameport at all for control panel interfacing.

For sound, I will use 2 4" speakers (From the Happ Controls catalog).  If I can figure out how to do it relatively inexpensively, I would like to use a small amplifier (no more that 50 watts).  If anyone has any suggestions on doing this, please let me know.

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This page last updated 9/21/99