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Cabinet Framing

Labor Day Weekend... a great weekend to make lots of progress on the cabinet!

After laying out all the parts, I quickly discovered that 1x2 boards really aren't 1" x 2".  Actually I knew that already but was reminded of that fact when I drilled the 1-5/8" screws through 2 1x2's and the screw hit the floor (oops).  I returned to Eagle and got a pound of 1-1/2" screws instead.

Profile starting to come out (click for bigger image)
In this picture, I am just laying out all the pieces, cutting them to length and making sure it all "feels" right.  You can see the profile start coming out with the longer piece laid across the initial framing.  Also notice how I am putting this together, the 1x2's overlap on the corners (which will then be fastened with glue and a screw).  Later I will fill in the gaps in the framing by gluing and screwing more 1x2's to the "thin" areas.

Control Panel support coming out (click for bigger image)

In some places, I did have a problem with the 1x2's splitting when I screwed in the screw.  If I were to do this again, I would actually pre-drill the holes for the screws just to keep the splitting down to a minimum.  The places where it did split I just filled in the split with alot of glue.  It seems to be working so I am not overly concerned about the splits (only happened in a couple places only).  Driving the screw in slowly also seemed to prevent the splits.

The complete layout (click for bigger image)

Here is the final layout, with the original drawing next to it.  When I got to this point, I realized that a couple of the pieces of framing were unnecessary so I did not include them.  At this point, it was time to glue-and-screw the pieces together.  I used my trusty t-square to make sure the bottom portion was square both before and after I screwed the pieced together.

One side completed! (click for bigger image)

After all that, here is one of the sides finished (minus the "filler" 1x2's to fill in the gaps).  Even at this stage, the frame is still quite strong and should be able to take quite a beating!

Creating the other side using the first as a template (click for bigger image)

The next morning I got started on the other side (just ignore the kiddie pool in the shot :)).  I laid the first side down and measured all the lengths and angles for the second side right off the it, using it as a template to make sure both sides are as identical as possible.  Also note that I have not yet started to attach any of the filler pieces of 1x2 yet, I thought that could prevent me from getting accurate measurements if they were there.

The two sides completed with filler pieces attached (click for bigger image)

Here is the result after getting all the filler pieces attached.  With the 2x6 base underneath, I am pretty sure this will be just the right height.  I have not bothered filling in most of the pieces with angles.  The only places where I did fill in with a second 1x2 are the places that could support some additional weight or if they might be visible from the front.  The only places I did were the entire back side of the cabinet (the longest side) and the place where the control panel area and the screen monitor area meet (I have not yet decided how to finish that part yet, better safe than sorry).

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