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Cabinet Assembly

 I finally got a chance to work on the cabinet...

As you can see, it is now standing upright and fully assembled!

I cut the side panels using the frames as a template.  I clamped 2 sheets of the OSD board together ( so I would have 2 sides with the same cut) and ripped away.  I found that a sabre saw cuts much better than a circular saw.

The base is a 2x6 board mitred on the corners, for a stronger fit.

Attaching the base to the sides (click for bigger image)

Here you can see the process of attaching the base to the side pieces.  I clamped the side pieces to the base and attached them with screws.  I also made sure that everything was square before, during and after I set the screws.

Attaching the frame to the side (click for bigger image)

After I got the side panels attached to the base and made sure everything was square, I attached the frames to the sides.  I used the clamps to hold everything aligned while I set the screws.  The frame is in direct contact with the base, but if you notice the "back" of the frame (at the bottom in this orientation) the side panel is actually longer than the frame.  This gap is there to accomodate the back panel so it sits flush.

It's now standing upright! (click for bigger image)

After I got the second frame fastened, I used lengths of 2x4 to further stabilize the cabinet (One at the bottom, one in the middle, and one at the top).  This provided enough strength and stability to get the cabinet standing up.  I again was very careful to make sure everything is still square (measurements at the base are the same as the measurements at the middle and top).

Other views (click for bigger images)

All the sides minus the back are attached! (click for bigger images)

View from behind (click for bigger image)

Here you can see the inside and the top.  I put a piece of the OSD board on the bottom along with some plastic "feet" to try to keep the base protected from moving it around on the ground.

What's next???  I need to put some kind of finish on the exterior, as well as build the keyboard drawer that will sit underneath the control panel bay.

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This page last updated 10/6/99